A Memory Perhaps

“Hmm, very interesting. Help me understand though. You laid down in a grocery store. Now, what part would you think I might take for a dream.”

He hesitates. Perhaps the well of willpower to expose himself has waned.

“Surely, you couldn’t have been wandering the grocery store aisles for days. Someone would have noticed, asked you to leave, or if they could help.”

The eyes widen, directing to look deeper into what I had just said. I must be close, tantalizingly close to understanding. He wants…no, he needs me to understand this.

“But you didn’t wander the grocery store for days, did you? You wandered canyons for days, canyons other than the rows of stocked shelves.”

Tears well up in his eyes and tumble out as he nods vigorously. I still don’t understand though.

“How did you get from the canyons to the store? A memory perhaps? An…episode?”

No. The answer is clear. I’ve missed the mark.

“Let me try again. One minute you’re in the canyons, the next in the store with no idea how?”

Got it.

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