Little snipet of life part 2

Isabel had grown to realize that she could overcome anything that life threw at her. At such a young age she had gone through abuse, alcoholism, and yes even a broken heart. She had been mistreated by many who she had thought loved her. She prayed many nights and God finally answered her prayer. That one person, Talon, who had shown her what life had to offer had become the one person on this Earth that she felt she could really trust. Isabel was astounded that she could even begin to love and trust again. She wondered what she had done to deserve such a blessing, but by no means was she disappointed. Talon had taken her many places she could never have dreamed of. He showed her what the meaning of love really is. Isabel found security and truth in Talon. She only hoped that she could give as much to him as he gives to her each and every day. Talon must have found something in her because about 4 years later they became their own wonderful family. Isabel had finally lived a life of perfection. Happiness.

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