Train of thoughts

The train arrived at quarter past nine. I got inside and I felt I was part of the train. My thoughts were running wild, aimlessly. But the train was heading towards the big city. She is waiting for me. I will see her after five years or is it four?

The darkness slipped around me as the train picked up the speed. I could see the trees, the slum, the dots far away. The wide sky was opening up when the conductor walked into the car. I could see the lights ahead, the train was entering a small city before it will take me to the big one. I can see small apartments with open curtains, people watching TV, cars waiting. Graffiti and lamp posts flew by my window as the train slouched in the darkness again. I dozed off. I saw newspaper headline in front of me.

I woke up after few minutes and saw the platform with big signs. She was standing there with flowers. I saw an anxious yet excited look. I leaned back on my seat and closed my eyes. I will let the train take me to the next big city.

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