On Land... Part I

On Land
Black brick walls covered by dirt and mud
Midnight no lights just the bright moon
Streetlamps in the middle of the city
Tall rough and scruffy man with a beard
Breathe smelling like hard alcohol and smoke
Walks down the cobble street with a limp
His heavy overcoat protects him from night
Sea breezes are heavy the mixture of drinking
And sea salt with smoke and pollution
Are Strong
The night is loud with music and sex
The man hears nothing except silence
He is not deaf or ignorant of course
He was at the bar earlier drinking and smoking
It was loud at the bar and colorful, too from the
Costumes and dancers, but he couldn’t see anything
Just Darkness
The familiar alley brought memories
All the memories he kept dear to him
The only part of his life that mattered
He thought of his young days, how fun
His woman, a harlot, caught his eye
He helped her, protected her, saved her
The alley filled with filth was lovely
Perfectly hidden away from society

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