FICBLOG(ish)...Ficlets Facebook Group

I don’t know if this is necessarily Ficblog worthy, but I’m going for it.

There is a fairly new group on Facebook for Flicketeers (ficleters). I’m not exactly sure who started it , but I do know there’s only like ten members, which is sad. There’s a LOT of us. Surely some of us have the Book? I’m not saying you should get a profile if you don’t have one, but if you do ,JOIN THE GROUP !

Us Ficleters are significant DAMNIT ! and as such we should represent!...on Facebook? you ask…everywhere! I reply…make a Ficlets t-shirt…get a Ficlets tattoo…name your child Ficlet(you can call her ‘the little ‘let)....start a grass roots Ficlet revolution/cult… I’ll settle for a few more members joining that group…

So , everybody , make me happy, humor me, I’m a walking time bomb and you don’t wanna pull this trigger…

P.S. sorry about the weird tags, but I wanted to get as many people as possible to read this :)... that’s also why i marked it mature…cuz you’re all pervs;)

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