MP Challenge

Alrighty, you lovers of all things random and downright silly, listen up! Yes, it’s challenge time.
Simply put, your challenge is to give me a ficlet (or ficlets, I don’t care) with a Monty Python spin.
I think it should fairly explain itself. (If not, comment or note me…)
Deadline: October 5th, in celebration of Monty Python’s Flying Circus’s first episode (in 1969, to be exact)
(If you want to angle, extra points to those who can include references to Python’s radio predicesor [which you’ll either have to dig it up, or interrogate me, to find the answer], rhubarb tart, and/or ferrets. Can never have too many ferrets.)
Good luck, godspeed, force be with you, Feliz Navidad, etc, etc, etc…

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