A Psyker's Call

Hovering above the battlefield, all seeing yet blind. With tendrils of thought they reached out and touched the cratered ground, the huddled masses of troops dreading their arrival, and the smallest bugs crawling amongst the muddied trenches.

But then, amongst the shadows of souls appeared a jewel of light shining brilliantly over the darkness. With a deathly shriek the trio surged forward drawn to that pure soul like the demons they were. Searing light lanced from their weapons carving up any that stood in their way.

Over trenches filled with rivers of bodies they glided onward, the ever present light beckoning to them, drawing them in. Nothing else mattered to them, this is why they were present on this tiny unnamed rock drifting through the cosmos. Once over the next rise they saw their target standing amongst a mass of worthless souls, preaching to the ill fated. With a shrill cry they charged towards her, leaving only the scarred earth in their wake.

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