On Land...Part III

Evil Death
Before her he thought his life was nice
He could gamble and drink on board
Play with girls in the brothels on land
Earn some money and reputation everywhere
The life of a sailor, nay, a pirate
Stealing laughing playing fishing living
Until she came. There’s always a woman
She loved him. He loved her. But he pirated.
And she, no better, whored. Typical couple
Truly perfect
With her death he left again by himself
But he came back to the sea town eventually
He hit the bars at night with his old crewmates
Old pirating fiends from the Days way back when
Swapping stories showing scars and always
Crying until recently they ran out of tears, emotion
He became numb, more so stopped lying
Telling himself it was a lie, a nightmare, that ended
So every night he went to the alley

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