My Mother's New House - Part 5

My aunt and uncle live around the corner from Mum’s new house, which she won’t admit was the reason she bought it. We have never lived near family, so it is a welcome change.

My aunt, as usual, is dressed in all white. It becomes her, beautifully offsetting her olive skin and year-round tan. She comes across as someone who should be stuck up and fashion conscious, someone who should not want to visit the likes of my family. Thankfully, she is the opposite.

If I had to pick one person in the world to be jealous of, it would be her. I can’t really say exactly why, except that she has a wonderful family and a seemingly perfect lifestyle. I’m unexpectedly struck with the thought that I may be completely off and her life may actually be horrid, covered up by numerous overseas trips and a brand new villa in Bali. The idea disorientates me for a second but I quickly settle back into conversation, pushing it to the back of my brain.

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