On Land... Finale

Creating His Heir
He left for the first time, for money to support them
He left that time to make life better when he would return
He left to help. She died. Someone raped her while she was
Pregnant and with a demonic heart stabbed her in the womb
With the demon still inside that thing, that monster, a second Stab. A stab through her beautiful heart. The bleeding Killed her before the knife hit the heart.
Anger torment hatred evil over came our Him until he went Out to sea, the huge sea, and a vast water bed.
Now he roams the seaside town
He walks with no touch, sight, sound
Emptiness but no depression just despair
You can drowned in different ways
But the worst isn’t in the water
It doesn’t involve water, it’s the kind of
Drowning that happens
On land.

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