Detective Keen Is Quite Stunned

“I see you’ve noticed some of our latest tests,” Dr H observed.
“Quite interesting,” Keen said urbanely.
“They are quite interesting. You see, funny thing is, some of the substance was leaked.” Dr H began giggling. A forced giggle, Keen thought.
“Yes, at a nightclub a few nights back. Well! Enough chit-chat! Here we are!” The pair halted in front of what looked to be a closet.
“Pardon my asking, but where exactly are we?”
“Why, we’re here, of course!” Dr H cried as it if were the most obvious thing in the world. “Now where are my keys? Here they are!” He enthusiastically pulled out a giant keyring out of one of his pockets. After fumbling with the lock the door swung outwards.
“After you, Detective.” Keen didn’t like the way he’d said that.
He stepped in, the doctor following close behind. “Please, let me take you.”
“Don’t you mean my coat?”
“Oh no, you.” Dr H pressed a button, causing a nearby coatrack to trap the stunned detective.
A restraining coatrack, sense-stealing fog. Not good.

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