Fiendish Giggle {WDC (EoP)... again}

This is a rare third person dream, drempt on the night/morning of 9.23/24.08.
The little pink gumball of a “hero” had two choices of route: One through a meadow, the other into darkening night. Oddly, he chose the latter. He was catepulted down the path, his round shape makings easier to roll along.
When his rolling was done, he came upon a clear dome. Taking his chances he went in.
In a dentist-style chair laid a queer robot thrown together from salvaged metal. In other words, it looked like Victor Frankenstein had a field day in the junkyard. Our little pink “hero” slowly approached. The robot sat up. He tilted his head at the sight of the little gumball, & smirked in a cordial/meanicing/evil smirk. “I was thinking you’d come this way.” Our hero raised his eyebrows. “Would you like a drink?” the robot continued. “if you drink, of course.” He had that metalically sinister glint in his eye.
“Doesn’t mean I can’t,” our “hero” answered squeakilly, but equally as sinister. He uttered a fiendish giggle.

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