The Skeleton is Explained

Then they heard it, evil laughter. Bedlam broke out in the backseat. The boys kicked at the doors and pulled at the screen that kept them captive. They were screaming, and yelling and crying.

Then the drivers door was yanked open, and in the dim light from the dome light they saw him – Officer Linton, and he said, “Hey, hey, settle down back there.”

Then the passenger door opened and the short officer climbed into the passenger seat, he was laughing.

The boys were stunned into silence, but only for a couple of minutes, then the questions started. “Who was in…”, “Did you shoot some bod…”

“Whoa there boys. There was no human skeleton.” Officer Linton said. “What you saw was a plastic skeleton that is use in anatomy class. The principal of the new school came here to retrieve it. That’s it, end of story.”

“How do you know that?” Bobby asked.

“There’s a caretaker living in the basement.”

“We heard gun shots,” Billy said.

“Gunshots? Oh, that was the screendoor banging.”

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