Elrod's Lineage

My soul shattered when she screamed. I knew then the extent of what I had done. I knew then that the excruciating pain, the sorrow, the heartache was all my fault.
I knew I never should have loved her. When I first saw her. The inocent seven year old. Lost in a book, a story. I could never be what she needed me to be. I wasn’t real! I was a charactar in a book, a story. Never the less, I waited. I knew she would come back to the realm. No one can help coming back. She came again, a young woman. The young woman of my dreams. My made up girl. My story. Yet she was real, and I was not. She was. I was not. We could never be. We tried out love. We failed in love.
My eyes glazed over as I watched her. Her beauty was as real as mine was unreal. She gestured towards the boy. What a sweet boy. To good for this world. To good to be deceived by this surreal, all to perfect, dream realm. My eyes unglazed. My thoughts panicked. My pulse quickened was it joy or dispair? I don’t know-
“MY SON ??!!”

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