Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- part 19

Things were going great now. Andrew finally did love me and acted like I existed a lot more now. I stopped caring what Peyton and others thought about the two of us anymore. It was just him and me, me and him.

Then my annoying older sister, Michelle came from her home in Colorado.

My sister enjoys messing around with me and my mind all the time, saying things that really shouldn’t be sad aloud but she does anyway. So having her visit while I’m super happy wasn’t going well with me.

Then one morning when I PMSing I stormed down the stairs, only to literally run into Michelle, “Damn it Michelle can’t you pay attention?” I growled at her. She took one look at me and the first thing she said was, “You’re pregnant.”
“What?! What the hell?!” Of all the things she could say, that?! “No way Michelle! Not possible. I haven’t had sex.” I lied.
“Oh, sure sure. That’s what they all say.”
“I’ll prove it to you. Got one of those damn pregancy tests?”
“I surprisenly do. C’mon.”

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