Coucou! Said the Dwarves in the Trees

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Those couldn’t be…

But they were!

There was no denying the fact of their existence!

Unless… he wasn’t going crazy, was he?

Was he seeing things, hearing things?

He rubbed his eyes, and casually stuck his hands in his pockets to fool any passersby.

He waited there, sitting on a park bench, for their next appearance.

He waited…

There it was! Again! From behind that same tree!

A dwarf!

And this time, it didn’t disappear back into the bark of the tree.

With one short, stubby finger, it beckoned him towards the tree, and shrank back into the wood once again.

And Sherman, putting all his disbelief and second guesses into the back of his head, did the unthinkable and stood up to walk towards the tree.

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