Detective Keen Shares Philosophies

Detective Keen’s brain was buzzing faster than a hive of honey bees at ways to escape the clingy coat rack.

Unfortunately, his brain didn’t come up with any ideas.

Fortunately, the coat rack malfunctioned, and broke down with a plume of normal, black smoke.

“Aw shucks!” shouted Dr. H.

Detective Keen dragged himself out from the pile of broken robot parts, and struck a triumphant pose, saying, “You know, Dr. H. you really should stick to simpler plans. A wise man once said that many villains would succeed if they hadn’t made such elaborate plans.”

The scientist sniveled and wiped away a tear. “But all I had was a robot… The rest of my plan was so simple…”

“And what was the rest of your plan, evil Dr. H?” questioned Detective Keen.

“To test my smoke on you!”

Detective Keen thanked the heavens that he hadn’t had a chance to do that. Who knew what sort of mishaps would have occurred?

“Then again, there’s no time like the present!”

And Detective Keen was quickly enveloped in a thick, purple haze.

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