Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- part 20

“Ok, so how do I read this thing again?” I asked Michelle, holding a pregnancy test in my shaking hands. “Well a blue minus means you’re not pregnant, pink plus means you are.” I set it on my bathroom counter and pulled my stool up, staring at the test. It was silent for a bit. Then Michelle cleared her throat, “Uhm, you know Lorraine that the answer isn’t going to come up that fast, you can walk away from it.”
“No I’m fine.”
“Ok, well….” She stopped herself for a bit, but then asked, “Who was it?” I continued staring at the test, knowing what it was she was asking about. I sucked in a raggy breath and answered, “Andrew….Beck.” I saw from my mirror as Michelle nodded then walked out of the room, leaving me to my terrible thoughts.
What happens if it comes up positive? Andrew probably wouldn’t care. He’d love me anyway. I know it.

A little, light pink plus appeared in the window.

Oh dear god.

...What now?

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