Visitor Plans

Let someone watch? I’d never even considered it…
“I assume there’s a bonus in here?” I asked, portraying perfect indifference.
Phillipe smirked, he knew I would do it. “He’ll pay 1000 to watch. I get 400, you get 400 and Brad gets 200-deal?”
I hesitated. This would be a change…”Yeah. Deal. So when’s he coming?”
“Tuesday and Friday next week.”
”$1000 for both days?” I asked…it was way too good to be true…
Phillipe shrugged. “Yeah. You’ve no idea how much money some people have. This is pocket change to him.”
“Then why does he want in the business? He doesn’t need the money obviously.” I accused.
Phillipe leaned forwards, so that he could be a little more on eye level with me.
“I showed him some pictures, and lets just say he likes what he sees.”
I shifted my weight and stared at the floor. I bit my lip, lost in thoughts that were mostly about doubts and insecurities.
“Not backing out are we?” Phillipe challenged.
“No!” I said quickly. “Of course not.”
I turned and flew down the stairs and out the door.

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