What not to be in an airlock

“What? Hey! Open the airlock! Hello?”

“Hey, you’re the rocket scientist. You find a way out.”

“You’re insane!”

“Oh, and a psychiatrist too now? You’re a regular Einstein, you know that?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. Listen, I need to go fill out some forms, so you just hang tight there.”

“Is this because of last night?”


“When I beat you at Boggle?”

”... No.”

“Sometimes you just see the big words. You know how it is.”

”’Astronaut’ though?”

“Look, it was a lucky break. We can play again tonight. I bet you do better this time. Come on, just let me out.”

“Well… OK. I guess.”

The following day…

“I still don’t know why you need me in the plasma torpedo launch tube.”

“It’s like I told you. Something spilled, and we need you to clean it up.”

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