Second friend

I closed off my feelings for her. I put it away, someplace inside me where I will never have to deal with it again. Some place small and dark. Some place where It won’t scare me. I barely speak to Christine anymore. That’s her name, Christine.

As I said, I got over her eventually. When I did I threw my heart to another person. There was something different about this one, something stronger. Something with more basis. Unfortunately for me, my
“friends” can’t keep secrets, and word got to her that I liked her. She was sorry about it, but she didn’t feel anything for me. We were “just friends”.

It was “just” another “just friends” situation, but my heart was defeated soon enough.


My nose is bleeding, and I can’t seem to find the call button for a nurse. Maybe I don’t deserve the tissues. Yea, thats it. No, thats a stupid idea. How can you not deserve tissues? By deserving to suffer thats why. I deserve to suffer.

I’m so screwed up.

The weight of my eyelids are becoming too much. I need to sleep.

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