Life and Times of Lorriane Dakota- part 21

Ok, this can’t be too hard, I thought to myself. I just need to go up to Andrew and let him know the news. But should I be mad? Happy? Sad? I wasn’t sure. I took a deep breath and walked up to his locker. “Oh hey Lorraine.” He said. I stared at him for a bit, soon making him uncomfortable. “Is something wrong? Do I have something on my face?” I stared at him a bit longer…then blurted, “Haven’t you ever heard of a condom?” I quickly covered my mouth after I said the last word. He stared at me for a bit then asked, “Why?”
“What?! But how?”
“Do I need to go into the details Andrew? You didn’t use a condom and now we’re both suffering the consequences.” I still stood as he placed his face in his hands and thought for a bit. He then brought his head up and said, “We’re done,” slamming his locker shut on the word done, leaving me to stare in disbelief at what had just occured.

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