Forgive Thine Enemy

Reverend Micheal dropped into the snow; Dennis backed away in horror at what he had done.
I forgot I was hiding, I ran to the Reverend. “Reverend?” I cried. “Reverend, you hear me?”
He looked up blearily. “Alex?” he whispered.
“I’m here Reverend.” I didn’t bother to restrain tears.
“Is the boy who I was just talking to still here? I’d like to tell him something…”
I looked to Dennis, who looked frightened out of his wits. “He… he wants to talk to me?” he squeaked. He kneeled, frightened, next to the Reverend.
“Young man, I have one thing to say to you,” Reverend Michael sighed, with an oddly peaceful smile upon his weak lips. “I forgive you.”
“I forgive you.” Dennis, who was as confused as he was scared, stood up and scampered away like a field mouse. “Alex…” The Reverend was addressing me again. “I want you… to forgive too… no matter what…” he whispered falteringly.
“Don’t leave me Reverend…” I sobbed.

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