Angel in a Suit

A few days later, I kneeled in my usual pew, my eyes to the stained glass. I was so absorbed I didn’t notice anyone come in.
“Altar… I mean, Alex?” Ginny’s sweet voice asked. I started, turning. She kneeled next to me.
“I’m… I’m sorry about…” she began, faltering. My head bowed sadly. “He was such a good man,” she continued. “I mean, I only knew him from his sermons, but he seemed a good man.”
“He was.” I reflected a moment. “Y’know, he was an angel, really.”
“An angel?” Her eyes glassed over.
“Yep. An angel in a suit. He’s with the Good Lord in Heaven; he did his job here. We would’ve liked him to stick around longer, but he didn’t need to. We need to learn to love and forgive one another; he already knew how to do that. He just needed to teach us that.” I stood up, offering Ginny my hand. “Now, you want some chowder? It’s Tuesday…”

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