Derivatives, Holes, and Pain

Janice walked into her calculus class and sure enough… Wait were is he? Kyle wasn’t in class.
Maybe karma caught up to that stupid lil bast- “Alright class, settle down, ” Mr. Santony said as the students took their seats, “Today, we will be going over derivatives.” An air of despair fell upon the classroom. Well at least its something to take my mind off of him. But I wonder where he is…
Who cares. I hope he fell down a hole and is now lost in the eternal abyss of pain and dispair.
That’s where I’m gonna send you if you don’t shut up.
Please. Like you could.
Janice rolled her eyes and tried to focus on Mr. Santony, but it was no use. Her mind kept thinking about Kyle and the seemingly endless amount of pain that went with it.

The time passed by slowly but finally the bell rang to go home. Well everyone else got to go home. Janice went to see how much more heartbreak she could take.

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