A Rose, By Any Other Name

The darkness faded to a different scene..

There was a full moon shining down on the water. A girl, probably a teenager, was listening to the sound of the waves come crashing down at a distance. She was breathing slowly, taking in the serenity.

Soon, she heard footsteps behind her, but she didn’t see who it was. They kept getting closer until someone sat down right beside her.

“A nice place to think, no? Your heart speaks to you here. I find it very calm, and this is about the only time it isn’t disturbed by any other voices.â€?

She could definitely relate to that.

The girl turned around to find herself face to face with a boy, almost a man, and very handsome. He had an angular face, with sharp features, and sandy-colored hair falling over his eyes. His eyes… She thought she could stare at them forever.

The girl snapped out of it and replied, “Yes, it’s the perfect place to be alone.â€?

He flashed her a quick smile and got up to leave. “Sleep well, Adelina LaRosa.â€?

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