The boys hash it out

As the police drove the boys back to their homes, the boys chatted like magpies in the back seat. The nearer they got to their homes the braver they were tonight. The police dropped off the twins first, then the other two, applauding them all for their bravery.

All four boys knew what they had to do. Once the police were out of sight they each ran to Bobby’s house where they had a club house renovated from an old chicken coop. A single light bulb hung from the ceiling with a pull chain.

Once the boys gathered and were seated on wooden crates they used for chairs, they rehashed the entire evening, from finding the skeleton, to the police bringing them home. Each one stressing how brave they were.

Then, out of the blue, Bobby said,” Do you guys believe that a caretaker lives there?”

Silence, as they thought about his question.

Bobby added, “How many time have we played around that old school? Have any of you ever seen anybody there?”

No, they agreed, they’d never seen anybody there.

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