FrEAks part 4

You can’t trust a man that’s always smiling.

“He calls himself Rictus. He uses his unique skills to disable similarly talented individuals. They say he can’t cry.” Jacob Morrow stated.

Marty had made the brown haired twenty one-year olds’ acquaintance by means of his ability. He could undo events as long as it was within five minutes of the occurrence. Marty wouldn’t have believed him, had Jacob not just demonstrated it on Nicholas.

“So you’re saying they’re more people out there like me?” Marty stammered.

“That depends on your definition of the word “people”. With our gifts come severe psychological flaws.” Jacob said, biting his nails.

“But you are saying this Rictus guy wants me?” Marty asked.

“That’s why I’m here.” Jacob responded. “Look you got potential kid, and Rictus fixes that. He’s a Freak killer. Welcome to the cross hairs bone boy.”

“Why’re you telling me this Jacob?” Marty asked softly.

“It’s my job. Oh, and call me Morrow. Honesty’ll get you killed.” Morrow answered, then vanished.

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