FrEAks part 5

The kids aren’t all right.

“So I want all of you to make Megan feel right at home.” Ms. Evans said.

The new girl walked over and sat next to Marty. She was blond haired and tall, about 5’ 10”. Ms. Evans immediately began a lecture on Pythagoras. Megan opened her binder with the kittens on it and started to take notes. She looked attractive to Marty, but he wasn’t into preppy girls.

She leaned over and said “Hi I’m Megan.” Then extended her hand to Marty, so he shook it.

Her fingers felt cold as death.

“Hi.” Marty answered, and retreated under the black hair that hung over his eyes.

“You’ve got boney hands.” she joked.

“You don’t know the half of it.” He responded.

She smiled, then continued “Judging from your hair, I’d say you’re into Fueled by Ramen.”

“Nah. Vagrant.” Marty answered. “Not into stereotypes either.” he said going back to his notes.

“Sorry. So you’re a nonconformist huh?” She said, facing forward again. “Me too, though not by choice.”

Outside it started to snow.

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