FreAks part 7

Put on a happy face.

Rictus slowly closed his palm as Megan screamed in pain. He wouldn’t speak. He just moved his hands in a variety of gestures, and Megan’s body contorted in response. Her voice echoed out across the frozen lake.

Marty walked home from school, in a fowl mood. Megan had been giving him far too much attention lately. He traversed down the hill by his house, and stepped through the pine trees at it’s base. A girl was lying in a heap in the middle of a frozen lake. Above her stood a man in a black half trench coat with a red scarf wrapped around his face. He wore a grey top hat.

The man saw Marty, and unraveled his scarf. His mouth held a crooked smile that only went up the right side of his face. The muscles around it were petrified. Marty startled back.

He soon realized that the the girl lying on the ground, was Megan.

As his anger blazed and bone spikes began to pierce through the back of his shirt, something became very clear to him.

One of them wasn’t leaving here alive.

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