FrEAks part 8

The name game

“M-my name is Rictus. Wh-what’s yours?” Rictus stuttered out.

“Marty.” Marty said, as his ribs snapped over his chest. His pelvis emerged and expanded into skirt armor, and his shoulder blades flared out like wings. His knuckles hardened into barbs and his kneecaps into blades. Bones grew from his face, and jutted out like claws from his cheeks. His shins and forearms erupted with spines and his elbows protruded like daggers.

“N-no I mean y-your freeeeeeeeaaak name!” Rictus screamed thrusting his hand out. Marty’s chest muscles tightened into knots. He knew what Rictus’ ability was.

Muscle manipulation.

Rictus outstretched his hand and Marty’s abdominals shook. He groaned in pain. “Speak your n-name boy!” Rictus hissed.

Through the agony Marty yelled, “How’s this for a name?” With that he fired a spear sized bone shard from his palm. It flew twenty feet forward and ran through Rictus’s gut. Rictus hit the ground hard.

“You want a name? Call me Bone Shard.” Marty said standing up.

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