First Day at the Office of Invisibility

Perry crossed the wide plaza, his hands in his pockets, and bought a bagel at a stand along the edge. His nervous eyes darted among passersby as he sat on a bench by himself.

He was allowed to be nervous though, it was his first day on the new job. And not just any job, a job at the Office of Invisibility. The work was cloaked in such secrecy that even the building was invisible to most humans.

Only those with The Sight were able to see it. Perry had seen it for years, but he never realized what it meant until he saw the sign.

=Now Accepting Applications=

Soon to graduate college, Perry was in need of a real job. So he decided to inquire.

That was when he learned, and swore secrecy about the Other Side. The world of reflections, the land inside the mirror; that was where the building really was; it’s twin faintly resting here in the mortal world.

Perry snarfed the bagel and checked his watch. Crossing the street, he glanced left and right before he stepped onto the empty lot and dissapeared.

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