The Boys on a Quest

The gathering broke up at 11:30pm, and the boys went home.

At eight ten the next morning, Ernie and David were eating their Wheaties; with both parents working they had a choice of cereal or instant pancakes, when there was banging at the backdoor. “Come in,” the boys yelled in unison.

Bobby and Billy trooped through the mudroom and into the kitchen. David said, “Hi guys. Last night was pretty cool.”
“Yeah,” Ernie added.

Bobby said, “You guys wanta go up there again today?”
Ernie looked at his brother for a second then said, “I do.”
Billy, looking at David,”What about you?”
“Sure,” he replied, a little hesitant.

A few minutes later the boys poured out into the morning sunshine. When they had gone a block, Billy glanced back and said to Ernie, “Your dog is following us.”

A hundred feet behind them sat the brown and black shepherd mix waggin his tail. Ernie yelled two or three times at the dog, “Shep, go home!” to no avail.
David said, “Aw, let him come.”

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