FrEAks part 9

Dead man walking

Rictus lie on the ground, still as death for five minutes. Gradually he rose up, and giggled “Now you see it, now you don’t.” Then ripped the spike from his gut. He waved his right hand over the wound, and the muscles clenched tight, preventing the loss of further blood.

“Bone S-Shard. I love it!” Rictus said grinning and running towards Bone Shard Marty. “At last you are one of us b-boy. I can kill you in satisfaction.” Rictus threw himself into the air and stretched his arm all the way to Bone Shard. Rictus palmed his face and shoved him backwards into the ground; the ice spidered under the impact.

Bone Shard quickly rolled left, just in time to avoid Rictus as he stomped the ice and sank knee deep into the cool water.

“So you can double your strength and stretch your limbs too.” Bone Shard said rising up.

“Th-Th-that’s not all I can do beautiful.” Rictus called back. He closed his fist and spiraled his Flexor Carpi against his Ulna. His entire forearm hardened into a club.

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