Having a flashback to all of those monster movies you’ve seen? You know, the ones that tightrope the fine line between scary and hilarious? well…

I absolutely love it when monster flicks crash and burn, w/o meaning to, and make me laugh instead of shiver… so CHALLENGE I SAY !

Make up a monster.
Use hyperbole a little or alot.
Keep horror themes in mind for setting.
Mature tags welcome but certainly not exclusive.
AND THE BIG ONE —You must make it funny by making ‘scary go wrong’! Absurdity welcome.

Challenge officially ends 10/31/08 Halloween night.

The Cool Part
Everyone on Ficlets can vote for the winners! Send me the contestant’s pen name that wrote your favorite story in a note on Halloween night and I will tally up the GOLD , SILVER, and BRONZE winners. *You cannot vote for yourself
and you don’t have to enter a story in order to vote. Have a blast and a great fall season— HAPPY HALLOWEEN .

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