FrEAks part 10

Grin and bear it.

Bone Shard withdrew a long, sharp, bone from his palm, and shielded himself with it, as Rictus swung his arm club down. “Die die die die dieeeeeeeeee!” Rictus screamed. Bone Shard swung his blade around to Rictus’ flank, leveling him to the ice. Again Rictus rose and began wildly swinging his arm club.

Bone Shard’s head snapped back, then his stomach sunk in, and his right leg gave way under the blows Rictus landed. He could feel that his armor was the only thing keeping him alive. He arose and jabbed his bone saber into Rictus again and again, but despite how many times he connected, Rictus wouldn’t yield.

Finally Rictus jumped back to the hole he had created in the ice. “Y-you can run!” he called, then shoved his arms into the water.

“Shut up!” Bone Shard shouted back, charging Rictus.

Just then, a fist shot up through the ice near Bone Shard. Then another, two feet to the left that connected with his jaw.

Rictus gurgled “I’ll beat you to death! And you won’t even see it coming.”

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