FrEAks part 11

Does it hurt?

Bone Shard zigzagged across the ice while fists rose up to meet him at every step. The battle was taking its toll, and he was slowing down. “You’re getting boring.” Rictus muttered “I’ll end it now.” Rictus pulled one hand out of the water and spread his fingers.

Bone shard froze. His muscles were paralyzed. With his free hand, Rictus pelted Bone Shard repeatedly with uppercuts from under the ice. Bone Shard’s eyes began to close.

It was almost over.

As Bone Shard Marty took one last look across the lake, his vision fell on Megan. She was hurt bad. “It’s not fair.” Marty wheezed. “It’s not fair, it isn’t fair. None of this is fair. It’s not fair to me, and it’s not fair to her.” Marty whispered as his pupils glazed white.

A hush came over the lake.

Rictus felt calm inside. And for just a moment, he felt regret too. “He’s Stronng.” Rictus chuckled.

“YOU’RE… NOT … FAIR !!” Marty screamed as a thousand bone tentacles exploded from his chest and spine, impaling Rictus from all directions.

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