FrEAks part 12

Is it over?

Marty fell down panting. His bone armor disintegrated around him. He heard footsteps drawing near. “No. Please, no more.” Marty cried. He raised his head up to see…

...Morrow standing in front of him.

“Ask me again why Rictus came after you.” Morrow smiled kindly.

Marty sighed in relief “Why did Rictus come after me?”

“Cause you got potential kid.” Morrow responded, helping Marty to his feet. “And you did not disappoint.”

“It’s a shame I gotta undo all this.” Morrow stated a minute later.

“What? Why?” Marty asked.

“It’s not good business to let your partners die. And besides heroes don’t kill.” Morrow said. “But relax kid, you leveled up, and I can’t take that away from you. You’ll get your girl back, and I’ll retire Rictus myself.”

“What are you?” Marty asked.

“Same thing as you.” Morrow answered, fading away. “I’m just one of the tougher ones.”

Marty came too at the top of the hill by his house, only this time, Megan was standing there with him.

He couldn’t help but smile.

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