The Black Iris (part 18)

James opened the front door to find a platinum haired young man, dressed in a grey vest and black slacks leaning against the archway. In his hand he held a rose, which he casually rolled between his thumb and index finger.

“Raleigh what have I told you about picking Lilly’s roses?” James growled at his guest.

“Begging your pardon dear James, but I heard from Fryer Doonsworth that you’ve received a lady caller. And though I’ve already proven my manners to be quite boorish, I dare say I’d be labeled a barbarian if I didn’t greet the new girl in town with a flower.” Raleigh answered back smiling.

“W-We’ve received no visitors this week, Lord or Lady.” James stammered.

“And yet I can’t help but mention the girl I saw watering these very roses this morning.” Raleigh responded casually. “Do allow me entry James. It’s rude to keep a guest on the porch.”

“Very well.” James said sighing.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you viewed me as the competition.” Raleigh smirked as he entered the Thorn residence.

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