Story Teller Gaouroo part 2

“Well it seems there was a traveling merchant who needed money to pay for train fare home. He walked one block over and gave his hat, shoes, and pants to a gentleman. Then walked two blocks over and gave his shirt, tie, and glasses to a lady. Finally, he walked three blocks over and complained to a cop that that man, and that woman had just robbed him.

When the officer asked for proof, he said his license was in the shirt, his engraved time piece was in the pants, and his money was in their wallets. The officer searched them and found his license in the shirt, his timepiece in the pants, and gave him the money in their wallets. The two were arrested on the spot.

So the merchant rode home in comfort, and the gentleman and lady learned you can never trust a salesman.”

After finishing his story the boy introduced himself as Gaouroo, a wandering storyteller/treasure hunter/body guard. He told jokes all afternoon, and promised he’d stay for three days. But mustn’t stay any longer then that.

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