Accursed Improvisation

I took a deep breath, surprised at how easily I’d convinced everyone into thinking I was on their side. Patrick always said the theater lost a great actress when I joined his team of elites.
I followed Henry around, picking up all the minutia of the inner clockwork. From the inside, it worked just like any other organization: committee upon committee, mountains of paperwork, prototypes, plots, & schemes galore. The only difference was the fact that this one happen to control the world.
At the end of the day I slouched in a chair when a pair of gentlemen approached me; I recognized them to be in the Cabinet. I stood in respect.
“Evening sirs.”
“Evening,” the older of the pair replied. “Lazlo, isn’t it?”
I nodded. “I’m surprised you remembered.”
The younger bespectacled counterpart laughed. “How can you forget a name like Lazlo?”
“Good point sir.”
“We just were curious about your background. You seem to be an interesting individual.”
I hoped Ezra was right in the fact I was a good storyteller.

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