Story Teller Gaouroo part 3

The next day I ran outside to find Alma crying and Gaouroo eating sunflower seeds.

“Gaouroo threw my pendant!â€? She sobbed.

“Well the magic trick always worked before.â€? Gaouroo stated, dropping the bag.

“Magic trick?â€? Wetzu asked walking over from the well.

“Yeah it’s a great trick Wetzu!â€? Gaouroo said getting excited “I can call a flock of doves with jewelry!â€?

“Prove it.â€? Wetzu and I said at the same time.

“Ok, somebody grab me another heirloom from Alma’s house.â€? Gaouroo said.

“Why do we have to keep using my stuff?â€? Alma cried.

“Got it.â€? Said Wetzu running over with a wedding ring. “You gonna wash your hands first?â€?

“Nope.â€? Gaouroo said, gripping the ring.

Alma sighed.

“I say the magic words “Come to me doves!â€? then toss the ring away.â€? Yelled Gaouroo as he threw the ring into the woods.

Later, two doves landed to eat Gaouroo’s fallen sunflower seeds. One dropped the pendant, and the other dropped the ring. Gaouroo said doves are attracted to salt.

It’s a good thing he didn’t wash his hands.

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