As the Fire Rose

“Oh no you don’t!” I screamed after him. However, he just smiled and waved as he disapeared. Figures. It was his ego that made this so hard. This test was only given in extreme circumstances, or more usually, in the barbaric times when no one cared if a village or entire civilization died if the test went bad. Which was always but, what, twice? He just had to give it to his student. I already did awesome with air. I did magnificent in earth, if I do say so myself. How did he think I’d have enough fire to do this!?

I felt the anger coursing through me, but it was different this time. I felt more than just my anger. It was like I could feel two people’s feelings. And they were both on the same track: revenge.

I felt the power course through me: I knew I could stop the volcano if I wanted to. It was easy. But why should I? It wasn’t like the earth didn’t deserve to let go every once in a while. What with all the cruel things humans do to it.

I let out a triumphant laugh as the fire rose.

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