The Tale of the Tiger and the Tapir [Amazing Animal Challenge]

I could feel the soft vibrations of the jungle floor as I krept silently behind the black and white tapir. Its round body feet away from my ready claws and razor sharp teeth. Just a little bit closer. As I prepared to pounce the tapir suddenly stopped and turned around.

“Tiger,” it said in a strange voice that reminded me off Rakifi from The Lion King, “it would be a mistake to eat me.” “And why would it be a mistake,” I asked, unamused. I hated when lunch argued with me. “Because, if you eat me then you will not know what lies beyond the fall of water,” he said, a small playing across his face. “You mean the water fall?” “No. I mean just what I said. The fall of water.”

Alright this dudes a nut. Maybe it is just better to not eat him. “Would you like to know or wouldn’t you Tiger?” he asked the same smile still on his face. “Ok I won’t eat you. Tell me what’s gonna happen,” I asked, not sure if I would like the answer or not.

With that the tapir began to tell the story of the fall of water.

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