“Are you ready sir?” The doctor had come into the room. Hannah’s father had decided to actually do it. He gravely looks at the doctor, pleading for a final solution.


It’s storming pretty badly outside, the rain is pounding relentlessly on the windows.

“Please turn the radio down, I need to relax. Its a really bad storm out.”

“Yea mom, sure thing.” Practically ripping the nob from the control, I set the radio to zero.


Sydney and her mother hold Hannah’s hand as the father moves to the machine.


“Listen, I’m sorry I had to get you out of there. I wanted you to get out of there before the storm got to bad.”

“Mom, I was having a great time.”


“No wait. Don’t do it. Can’t we just give her more time?” The mother pleads. Her handkerchief is completely drenched.

But the father just stares into her eyes, hand around the plug, and says softly, “No”


“Honey, I know you were, but It’s dangerous – ” The moment was bitterly ironic as she was rudely interrupted by the blaring of a truck horn.

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