Momentous Toothbrush

It’s the routine. It’s my routine. And the day it broke, everything changed.

You expect a life changing moment to be … momentous. Instantly identifiable as a singular pop where either your surroundings, or your thoughts, change forever.

In some cases, that is exactly what happens. Say your first child is born. Easy to identify right?

Mine was a little tougher to notice. My life changing moment was a toothbrush.

Wait, I’m wrong. It wasn’t just a toothbrush, it was the positioning of said toothbrush. One-hundred and eighty degrees of smack me in the face revelation.

Except… I didn’t notice.

I was aware something had changed, but it didn’t register deeply enough within my grey matter. I do everything the same, every morning, but it was a fact that the bristle-side of my toothbrush was facing away from me instead of towards me.

Nothing else missing, misplaced or misappropriated, but no matter what I did the toothbrush always re-appeared in the same spot, facing the mirror.

I had to find out why.

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