A Nerd's Guide to High School: 1

High School Dances: If you live under a pop-culture rock (like this writer), a dance is a good way to put yourself on a culture crash course.
The “dancing” is mostly just jumping up and down like a madman. If you can jump, you can dance. (For homecoming, don’t waste money on those tango lessons to catch that special person. Wait for prom.)
If the reader has attended a middle school dance recently, (s)he would’ve probably noted there is a central blob surrounded by smaller blobs; they are sparsly populated, & they’re a bit more innocent.
High school dances are densly populated. The small blobs are consumed into one pulsating blob. And sometimes the blob pulsates in ways the writer would prefer not to think about. Honestly, mudpuddles are mountain springs compared to some points.
Slowdances are usually sappy swaying couples. If found without a sappy partner, open your cell phone, find a friend eager to do the same, & start swaying with the music.
No cell phone?
No friend?
No problem.
Just go, man, go!

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