Accursed Stillness

I still couldn’t move.

I felt tired from trying to move, just one little twitch, but I couldn’t even muster up enough brain power to do that.

Paralysis is one of the most frightening experiences in life. There is simply no other feeling like it…

Being able to see your body laid out before you, and not even being able to lift your finger to protect yourself…

The minutes dragged, clawing at time to stay for an extra few seconds, before gradually falling off the face of the earth.

Hundreds of unfamiliar faces came up to me, sneered at me, and left, sometimes stopping to take my temperature or heartbeat.

I heard the door opening again, and a very familiar gasp filled the room.

Lily? Here? It couldn’t be…

But it was. I saw through her well-made disguise, feeling a sense of pride at teaching her.

And with her was the Primire. My hated enemy, standing above me…

The matter was only made worse when he muttered, “Now talk, or the man gets it.”

And a cool ring of steel was pressed against my skull.

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