I have a little problem....

I have a little problem. My boss, she likes to kill.

Now, she doesn’t just murder anyone- she’s not a savage you know.

But she does have the slight tendency towards… shall we say, volunteering others to reconcile her anger management problems.

As the newly promoted assistant manager, it is my function to ensure that we as her employees help her overcome this debiliating addiction for decapitation and mayhem. And it is a disease, you know- this murder on a whim thing.

I think there’s even support groups for it.

And oh, we’ve tried holistic healing and hug therapy and camp retreats, (that one didn’t work out so well), and acupuncture among others. All to no avail.
Even changing her diet to fruits and veggies just re-enforced her cravings for human flesh.

So I truly am at a lost, except for one option. It is a bit radical, but I think it may work.

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