Mr. Morgan called his secratary into his office, “Mellisa!”
“Yes, Mr. Morgan?” Mellisa replied with a face of mild disgust. She did not like to be yelled for.”Mellisa, tell me when is that thingy with Clara Fenmen?”“O the thingy?” Mellisa replied with sarcasm,”Yes I have that penciled in on..tuesday of.. next week!”Mr. Morgan, not picking up on the sarcasm nodded his head in dismisal.”What a jerk!” Malissathought,”Won’t even talk to me!” Afternoon came around. “Melisa!” again came the cry from Mr. Morgan’s office.”When is the thingy with Clara Fenmen?!”
“I have it penciled in on next tuesday, sir!” came the reply. “He did’t deserve to be told the truth” she thought.
Mellisa went on her lunch brake. As she was walking back from the bakery she said on her cell-phone,”Yes Mr. Morgan I am quite sure that I have it penciled in on tuesday!” “You forgetfull shmuck! Don’t even remember when I lie to you! Who cares if i get fired over this!” she wanted to add.She crossed the street and the car hit her.

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